Bollinger Mississippi Repair

The Bollinger Mississippi repair facility is strategically located in Pascagoula with deepwater and unobstructed access to the Gulf of Mexico. Our facilities include a full complement of cranes, panel line, shops, warehousing and offices to support projects of all sizes.

Our pier boasts 2,500 feet of water frontage with access to open sea at only 10 nautical miles. The channel is 350 feet wide and 42 feet deep, accommodating most vessels.

Our Dry Dock is equally impressive with 546 feet and a lifting capacity of 12,000 metric tons.

With a full complement of structural steel processing shops to include robotic cutting, automated panel line seam welding and stiffener fit up and welding. Other steel forming includes plate breaking and rolling capabilities. Sub assemblies are manufactured with a focus on continuous flow of material to each subsequent work station.

Our pipe shop includes CNC controlled 3-axis pipe bender, hydraulically powered on all axes, capable of forming 1.5†to 6†schedule 40 to schedule 80 pipe to 1D to 5D bends. This pipe bender provides power, accuracy, and rigidity to produce wrinkle free bends, with minimum ovality and wall thinning in pipe/tubing, while drastically improving on delivery schedule.

We own and operate a full assortment of equipment to service our customer’s project needs. Two large dockside cranes with rails that cover the full length of our berths serve the rig market well as the height and radius / reach allows full coverage of most vessels. Two floating ringer cranes cover any requirement for lifting on outboard areas. Various yard gantry cranes, crawler cranes, and rubber tire cranes allow for any material handling needs. 600 ton transporters are utilized to move modules and subassemblies to the quay or to other work areas in the yard.

  • Access: 10 nautical miles to open sea
  • Total area: 94 acres (38 ha)
  • Water frontage: 2,500 ft (762m)
  • Water depth: Channel maintained to 350 ft wide x 42 ft depth (12.8m)
  • Vertical height restrictions: None
  • Quayside gantry load out: 1,660 ft x 250 ft (506m x 76m)
  • Deep hole: 500 ft x 300 ft x 60 ft (152m x 91m x 18m)
  • Fabrication area: Covered 2,000 sq ft (185m2), Outside 360,000 sq ft (33,631m2)
  • Outside paint area: 600 ft x 600 ft (183m x 183m), 100,000t capacity, 10,000 psf (48.8t /m2)
  • Warehouse: (2) 100 ft x 200 ft, 20,000 sq ft each (30.5m x 64m x 1,952m2each)
  • CNC controlled 3-axis pipe bender
  • Full service machine shop
  • Tandem 40ft., 750t press brake
  • Full service pipe shop
    • Pipe Spools
    • Stainless Steel
    • Copper Nickel
    • High Pressure Piping(4130 alloy)
    • Fiberglass
    • Hydro testing up to 22,500 psi
  • 2 ½ plate roll automated wheelabrator with 12ft. roller bed
  • CNC shape cutting robot
  • Automated panel line with 300ft. conveyor system
  • CNC plasma / oxy cutting plate
  • Overhead shop bridge cranes from 5t. to 40t capacity
  • (1) 125t and (1) 150t rail mounted gantry cranes
  • 20t and 40t platen bridge cranes
  • Sany Crane with 150t main boom
  • Two crawlers – 200t and 300t
  • 150t barge mounted  crane
  • Tandem gantry crane lift capability: 250t
  • (1) 125t and (1) 150t quayside gantry cranes w/ 375′ hook height

Location Information

601 Bayou Casotte Parkway
Pascagoula, MS 39581

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1308
Pascagoula, MS 39568

Phone : 228-762-0010

Manager: Jeffrey Gehrmann, General Manager

601 Bayou Casotte Pkwy

601 Bayou Casotte Pkwy, Pascagoula, MS 39581

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