Quality & Safety Standards

The history of quality was established early on, long before an ISO standard was established in 1996. The Bollinger family believes that giving our customers what they expect on time and on budget will assure repeat business. Whether commercial or government, each customer is treated as if they were our only customer.

First to Call

As accented by the guidelines of the ISO 9001-2015 standard, Bollinger Shipyards’ quality management system is driven by the leadership of its employees. The organization’s quality culture, which was established long ago and nurtured over the years, has enhanced the growth of the quality system into a smooth functioning network of processes that are owned and managed by its hardworking, dedicated employees of South Louisiana. The work ethic and values that comprise the core of the organization’s being, has allowed the quality management system to become integral with the organization’s business management practices. This has equated to phenomenal success and extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.

Safety Standards

The Bollinger Shipyards Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) program’s guiding principle is to attain the highest performance levels in all aspects of compliance and protection by providing unparalleled support and services to our workforce, customers, and communities.