Repair & Conversion

Bollinger Harvey

Bollinger Quick Repair is a full service shipyard, providing 24-hour repair service from a convenient location only 1,100 feet from the Mississippi River along the Harvey Canal.

The facility is equipped with five floating dry docks offering capacities of up to 3,400 tons and a sprawling 2,200-foot wet dock, complete with compressed air, fuel gases, oxygen, and electrical power. This dockside berthing area has become popular with customers because it provides a clean, safe location for mooring vessels in a slack water channel while maintenance and repairs are conducted.

Bollinger Quick Repair is also a full service shipyard in itself. The propeller, machine, and armature shops located adjacent to the wet dock and floating dry docks are known worldwide for the first-class services performed in our facilities for other shipyards and for our customers around the world.

Location Information

615 Destrehan Ave.
Harvey, LA 70058

Manager: Matt Kuehne, General Manager

Dry Dock Specifications

Dry Docks - Bollinger Quick Repair
Dock 1Mr. DaveDock 5Mr. EddieDock 6Dock 7
Lifting Capacity1,500 tons3,400 tons1,600 tons3,400 tons3,200 tons1,800 tons
Length160 ft.220 ft.160 ft.219 ft. 7 in.210 ft.160 ft.
Clearance Inside60 ft.84 ft.65 ft.84 ft.64 ft.70 ft.
Wing Wall Depth16 ft.15 ft.18 ft.15 ft.17 ft.15 ft.

Machine Shop

Bollinger Quick Repair’s machine shop covers over 32,000 sq. ft. and is among the largest and best equipped machine shops in the nation.
It features lathes swinging 32″ over the carriage, and 52′ between centers and vertical and horizontal boring mills with capacities up to 18’2″ in diameter.


Propeller Shop

Bollinger Shipyards’ Propeller Shop is a modern 27,500 square feet fully-equipped manufacturing and repair facility featuring pitchometers and four hydraulic presses with up to 400 tons capacity that allows straightening and re-pitching propellers of up to 20 feet in diameter without heating the metal.

The shop’s computerized pitchometer is capable of measuring pitch, blade widths, diameter and rake. It also creates a detailed image of each propeller blade, that indicates the exact point of required work.

This dramatically reduces propeller survey time, provides more accurate measurements, reduces overall time in the shop and improves propeller performance and efficiency.

Bollinger Quick Repair has been in the propeller manufacturing business since the late 1940’s. We have over 2,000 propeller patterns in stock and the capability to make a new pattern in 10 days. All Bollinger propellers meet or exceed ABS requirements.

The shop also services other industries such as municipal drainage systems with huge impellers. Storage of customers’ propellers is also available.

Armature Services

Bollinger Armature Services is an Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) member governed by ISO-9001 procedures. We are located in the New Orleans area, and service the Gulf Coast and Southeast area of the country.

Bollinger’s Armature facility has the capability to repair all types of AC & DC motors and generators of any size. We provide in-shop and field services for the maritime, petrochemical and commercial industries, as well as municipalities, federal, state and local.

Load-testing capabilities include modern equipment with a capacity from 1,000kW that will meet ABS requirements for testing generators. The facility is guided by Bollinger policies and procedures that are based on and registered to the ISO-9001 standard.

615 Destrehan Ave

615 Destrehan Ave, Harvey, LA 70058, USA

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