Armature Services

We are located in the New Orleans area, and service the Gulf Coast and Southeast area of the country. Bollinger’s Armature facility has the capability to repair all types of AC & DC motors and generators of any size. We provide in-shop and field services for the maritime, petrochemical, and commercial industries, as well as municipalities, federal, state, and local. Load-testing capabilities include modern equipment with a capacity starting from 1,000kW that will meet ABS requirements for testing generators. The facility is guided by Bollinger policies and procedures that are based on and registered to the ISO-9001 standard.

Bollinger Armature Services is an Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) member governed by ISO-9001 procedures.


» 24-Hour Service

» Full VPI service (10’6” x 13’ and 6’6” x 8’ VPI tanks)

» Able to load-test equipment under operating conditions before it leaves our shop

» Run equipment at full voltage and RPM (including 6,600-volt)

» Frequency drive to run motors at 25,50 and 60Hz

» Vibration isolation test pad (8’X8′)

» Balance revolving fields in excess of 10 tons

» Computer analysis of motor’s performance (with documentation)

» Computerized winding machine – Scheing WM4500