Dry Docks

Bollinger currently operates ten ISO 9001 certified shipyards, strategically located throughout South Louisiana with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. With nineteen dry docks ranging in capacity up to 10,500 tons, Bollinger provides a wide variety of services for both shallow and deepwater vessels and rigs.

Bollinger Amelia Dry Dock Specifications

Dry Docks - Bollinger Amelia Repair
Dock 1Dock 2 “Mr. Brett”Dock 3
Lifting Capacity8,100 tons5,000 tons2,200 tons
Length341 ft.292 ft.208 ft.
Clearance Inside110 ft.82 ft.61 ft.
Wing Wall Depth20 ft.25 ft.20 ft.

Bollinger Fourchon Dry Dock Specifications

Dry Docks - Bollinger Fourchon North
Mr. PaulMr. EricMr. MaxDD 8,600Machine Services
Lifting Capacity10,500 tons10,500 tons9,000 tons8,600 tonsRam Repairs
Length320 ft.320 ft.318 ft.270 ft.On-Site Line Boring Services Alignments
Clearance Inside100 ft.100 ft.116 ft.112 ft.Windlass Repair Winch Repair
Wing Wall Depth30 ft.30 ft.30 ft.26 ft.24 Hours
Dry Docks - Bollinger Fourchon South
Dock 1 “Miss Grace”
Lifting Capacity1,800 tons
Length160 ft.
Clearance Inside60 ft.
Wing Wall Depth20 ft.

Bollinger Mississippi Repair Dry Dock Specifications

Dry Docks - Bollinger Mississippi Repair
Dock 1Mrs. Jody
Lifting Capacity12,000 mt4,000 tons
Length516’ pontoon deck (w/one 20 ft. apron)198 ft.
Clearance Inside105 ft.76 ft.
Wing Wall Depth46 ft.31 ft.

Morgan City Dry Dock Specifications

Dry Docks - Bollinger Morgan City
Big BoMs. BrookeMr. BrettDock 4
Lifting Capacity10,000 tons5,000 tons5,000 tons2,100 tons
Length351 ft.259 ft.292.5 ft.208 ft.
Clearance Inside116 ft.82 ft.82 ft.61 ft.
Wing Wall Depth32 ft.25 ft.25 ft.20 ft.

Bollinger Quick Repair Dry Dock Specifications

Dry Docks - Bollinger Quick Repair
Dock 1Mr. DaveDock 5Mr. EddieDock 6Dock 7
Lifting Capacity1,500 tons3,400 tons1,600 ft.3,400 tons3,200 tons1,800 tons
Length160 ft.220 ft.160 ft.219 ft. 7 in.210 ft.160 ft.
Clearance Inside60 ft.84 ft.65 ft.84 ft.64 ft.70 ft.
Wing Wall Depth16 ft.15 ft.18 ft.15 ft.17 ft.15 ft.