As President and CEO of the company that I have loved all my life, I welcome you to learn more about who we are and all we have to offer at Bollinger Shipyards. Fishing with my grandfather, Donald Bollinger, near the family marsh in south Louisiana gave me a lot of time to hear stories about his vision as well as his personal and business life. He began the company in 1946 and understood that the oil and gas business was going to boom after World War II, and it did. The maritime industry would need machine shops, new construction and repair yards. He began small, but he had a vision and his vision became reality. This created a foundation for us to become established and grow.

My uncle, Boysie Bollinger, followed in my grandfather’s footsteps during the 80’s and built the company with a particular focus on military cutters. It was a great balance with innovative building along with repair for oil and gas. In a planned family transition in 2014, I was happy and humbled to assume the leadership of Bollinger Shipyards. I will continue to work hard to make Bollinger the company my family always envisioned it would be.

Strength comes from strength. We continue to focus on providing the best value and servicing our long list of commercial customers. We also are currently doing our part in protecting our country by providing the highest quality cutters to the United States Coast Guard. To date we have delivered over 160 vessels to the Coast Guard, Navy and Army. We were recently awarded an additional contract to continue building for the Coast Guard. This contract has created solid back log for our employees, vendors and community for many years.

Bollinger Shipyards is a strong company. My grandfather told me years ago that markets will change, but your values should not. Here at Bollinger, we remain focused on an intense commitment to our existing customer base and hustle to find new ones. Our team has reached out and expanded that base for new and innovative programs. With a deep appreciation for our workers and an absolute focus on safety, a clean environment and quality service, we have grown this company built upon a solid base.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your interests and questions.

Be safe,

Ben Bordelon