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Military & Government Vessels

Miltary & Govt Vessels
Over the past 30 years, Bollinger has established a highly successful business model developing high performance U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy patrol vessels, based on superior designs available in the worldwide patrol boat and naval vessel marketplace. Our in-house staffs of naval architects and marine engineers tailor these innovative international designs to rigorous U. S. Government requirements resulting in an affordable, low risk "parent craft” design that is proven in-service.
Bollinger has successfully utilized this parent craft design model to deliver over one hundred thirty-eight (138) patrol boats to the USCG and USN, since 1985. These high-performance patrol boats range in size from 87 feet to 179 feet with top speeds ranging from 25 knots to 35 knots. Bollinger built patrol boats are designed to operate and survive through sea state five conditions and meet NAVSEA standards for two compartment damaged stability.
The patrol boats have a range of personnel from as little as 10 to as much as 39 mixed gender crew and passengers. All patrol boats are equipped with conventional propulsion systems ranging from 2,900 BHP (total) to 14,400 BHP (total).
The fire power on these vessels range from twin 50 caliber machine guns to twin stabilized 25MM guns. The larger patrol boat is equipped with armor plating.
U.S. Navy 179’ “Cyclone Class” Patrol Coastal (PC)

PC14Originally designed to Government specifications for a 170-foot PC, Bollinger later incorporated a stern notch launch and recovery system for the U.S. Navy’s 11-meter RHIB in the 179-foot PC-14 and retro fitted all 170-foot PCs. With speeds up to 35 knots, the PC is still able to remain on patrol for 10 days without refueling or replenishment.

USCG 110' "Island Class" Patrol Boats (WPB)

USCG 110' Island ClassThe Island Class program which was completed in 1992, began in 1982 as an effort by the Government to procure "off the shelf" patrol boats in response to congressional and administration imperatives to increase maritime law enforcement resources in the inland and coastal waters of the southeastern United States. Today, WPBs can even be found patrolling the waters of the Persian Gulf, assisting and protecting U.S. Navy assets.

USCG 87' “Marine Protector Class” Patrol Boats (CPB)

USCG CPB 87' Patrol BoatsThis unique 87 foot patrol boat is a small but capable multi-mission platform designed for Search and Rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement (LE), and fisheries patrols, as well as drug interdiction and illegal alien interdiction duties up to 200 miles off shore. The CPB incorporates Bollinger’s innovative stern notch design allowing for underway launch and recovery of the cutter’s 7 meter RHIB. To date Bollinger has delivered 73 CPBs to inland and coastal ports all over the continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

USCG 154’ “Sentinel Class” Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Patrol Boats

USCG 154 "Sentinel Class” Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Patrol Boats.   In a more recent open competition, Bollinger once again was selected for its outstanding parent craft design for the USCG Fast Response Cutter, our largest patrol boat to date. The Bollinger FRC measures 154 feet x 25 feet x 8.5 feet and is powered by two (2) TIER II diesel engines rated at 5760 Brake Horsepower. These vessels will accommodate a mixed gender crew of twenty-two for up to five days at sea. The cutter's missions will include search and rescue, drug and illegal migrant interdiction, homeland security and maritime defense.


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