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Originally designed to Government specifications for a 170-foot PC, Bollinger later incorporated a stern notch launch and recovery system for the U.S. Navy’s 11-meter RHIB in the 179-foot PC-14 and retro fitted all 170-foot PCs. With speeds up to 35 knots, the PC is still able to remain on patrol for 10 days without refueling or replenishment.

Bollinger was responsible for the design, technical integration, and construction of the Navy’s Cyclone Class PC-14 (USS Tornado). PC-14 is a 179-foot design variant of the 170-foot original Cyclone Class design developed by Bollinger under an earlier contract from a Vosper-Thornycroft in-service parent craft. The contract encompassed numerous vessel modifications and upgrades; however, the most significant improvement was the incorporation a 9-foot stern extension and stern notch to accommodate the Navy’s Combat Craft Retrieval System (CCRS). The stern notch provided the Navy’s newest PC with a proven underway launch and recovery system accommodating several varying sized craft.

The PC-14 contract was unique in that the contract encompassed requirements to integrate an established Contractor-owned hull design with over 75 Government-designed ship alterations and several new ship self-defense modifications. Bollinger’s experienced program management team, in close coordination with Government engineers, performed all design modifications, planning, coordination, and implementation to ensure program success, responsiveness and effectiveness.

Although the Navy’s PC-14 contract was issued in 1997 and Bollinger delivered "Tornado” on schedule in 2000, the Navy chose to keep the contract open to allow for future stern extension retrofit and conversion options to the class. Since 2000, Bollinger has successfully completed stern extension upgrades to five (5) additional PC’s, including the complete overhaul and stern extension upgrade to PC-1 (formerly USS Cyclone) for transfer to the Philippine Navy under a Navy FMS agreement. The contract was closed on 7 March 2007.

Principal Particulars
Displacement 331 Tons
Length 179 ft. (55m)
Beam 25 ft. (7.6m)
Draft 7.5 ft. (2.3m)
Propulsion (4) Paxman Valenta Diesel Engines
Max Speed 35 knots
Boats Carried 11m RHIB in stern notch
Crew 2 Officers, 3 CPO, 25 Enlisted
Armament » (2) Mk38 25mm chain gun
» (2) Mk19 grenade launcher
» (2) 12.7mm HMG
» 6) Stinger shoulder fired missiles