USCGC Denman is the third FRC to be homeported in Southeast Alaska

Ketchikan, Alaska — (September 28, 2022) – Bollinger Shipyards LLC (“Bollinger”) joined senior U.S. Coast Guard officials in Ketchikan, Alaska today for the commissioning ceremony of one of the newest Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutters (“FRC”), USCGC Douglas Denman. VADM Andy Tiongson (PACAREA) presided and RADM Nathan Moore (D17) accepted the vessel into Alaskan waters. The cutter will be homeported in Sitka and is the third of its class in Southeast Alaska.

“The Bollinger team that built this vessel is second to none. I can say this with certainty having almost 40 years of experience sailing on Bollinger-built vessels all over the world,” said Charles “Skip” Bowen, former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard and current Vice President of Government Relations at Bollinger, in his remarks during the ceremony. “Over 650 men and women are dedicated to building these vessels. They are artists in every sense of the word and it shows in the construction of this vessel. The Bollinger team is proud to continue building vessels for the U.S. Coast Guard. Through this work we can contribute directly to the security and defense of our nation, and we are up to the challenge.”

USCGC Douglas Denman embarked on a 36-day, nearly 7,000 mile transit from the most southeastern city in the United States to the most southeastern city in Alaska, transiting through the Caribbean Sea, the Panama Canal, and up the west coast of Central America and the United States. Now that the cutter has entered into service, it will serve and safeguard the public, protect the environment and its resources, and defend the Nation’s interests in the Alaskan maritime region. The 17th District encompasses over 3,853,500 sq. miles and over 47,300 miles of shoreline throughout Alaska and the Arctic.

Speaking to the enhanced capabilities of the FRC platform, VADM Tiongson said, “I can tell you right now from a sailor’s perspective, these are extremely better than their predecessor fleet that we have…I look at these things and I see how far they travel and how far we push them out into different parts of the world. And I look at them and I say these aren’t patrol boats, these things are national assets…All in all, Douglas Denman, like other FRCs in its class provides, far greater value and capability to the nation. More than any other style of ship this size that the Coast Guard has ever had…When the commandant talks about sharpening our competitive edge, these platforms are what enable us to do that. The Douglas Denman is a 21st Century cutter executing 21st Century missions in a dynamic and connected way.”

The U.S. Coast Guard took delivery of the 154-foot USCGC Douglas Denman in Key West, Florida in May of this year. The cutter is the 175th vessel Bollinger has delivered to the Coast Guard over a 35-year period and the 49th FRC delivered under the current program.

About the Fast Response Cutter Platform

The FRC is an operational “game changer,” according to senior Coast Guard officials. FRCs are consistently being deployed in support of the full range of missions within the United States Coast Guard and other branches of our armed services.  This is due to its exceptional performance, expanded operational reach and capabilities, and ability to transform and adapt to the mission. FRCs have conducted operations as far as the Marshall Islands—a 4,400 nautical mile trip from their homeport. Measuring in at 154-feet, FRCs have a flank speed of 28 knots, state-of-the-art C4ISR suite (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), and stern-launch-and-recovery ramp for a 26-foot, over-the-horizon interceptor cutter boat.


About Bollinger Shipyards LLC

Bollinger Shipyards LLC ( has a 75-year legacy as a leading designer and builder of high-performance military patrol boats and salvage vessels, research vessels, ocean-going double hull barges, offshore oil field support vessels, tugboats, rigs, lift boats, inland waterways push boats, barges, and other steel and aluminum products from its new construction shipyards as part of the U. S. industrial base. Bollinger has 11 shipyards, all strategically located throughout Louisiana with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River and the Intracoastal Waterway. Bollinger is the largest vessel repair company in the Gulf of Mexico region.