Senior Technical Writer (Hybrid Schedule Available)

Moss Point, MS

The Technical Editor plays a pivotal role in curating and refining content for technical publications, spanning both traditional print and digital formats. Our ideal candidate should boast a minimum of five years of hands-on technical editing experience, coupled with adeptness in utilizing Adobe Acrobat and MS Office software.

In addition to these technical skills, we value exceptional communication abilities, encompassing both oral and written forms. A keen eye for detail is crucial, along with the capacity to adeptly manage time while juggling multiple projects. Familiarity with Arbortext Editor is seen as a valuable asset.

Furthermore, the candidate is expected to possess the capability to review and comprehend engineering drawings, accompanied by a foundational understanding of watercraft vessels and their integral components.


Job Location Details

Facility: CHAND Gulf Coast
Address: Moss Point, MS
Phone Number: 9855327709

Please apply in-person or contact the facility Human Resources Department for further information.

Contact: Kaitlin Aggen
Main Office: 985-532-2554
Direct Line: 985-209-7010
Email: [email protected]

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