As with the offshore supply vessels, the liftboat industry has also been impacted by the new regulations and Bollinger has kept up. Bollinger has proven liftboat designs which range from 120' leg length to 245' leg length. These vessels are certified to work in water depths ranging from 80' to 180' while withstanding up to 70 knot winds.

The vessels with greater than 500 GT (ITC) registered tonnage are equipped with all SOLAS required safety equipment or, at the customers request, a SOLAS ready package. Two cranes are equipped on each of the liftboats and range in capacities from 10 tons to 100 tons. The propulsion power is provided with two (2) main diesel engines ranging from 680 BHP each to 1200 BHP. The jacking systems is powered off of the two main diesel engines and, as such, allows for system redundancy.

The liftboats are provided with quarters available for 28 to 36 persons in addition to crew and galley/mess facilities to service these PAC's. The vessels are also capable of jacking with a deck load of 150,000 lbs. to 500,000 lbs.

Bollinger continues to develop new designs for specific specifications for larger hulls for greater water depths.