Donald G. Bollinger (1915-2001), believed in the American way. He believed that each of us, as individuals, has the opportunity for the pursuit of happiness.

Donald was a natural born problem solver, an optimist by nature and a man of intelligence who believed that God was on his side. He graduated from high school at the height of the Great Depression in 1932. With no money for further education, his father taught his four sons the skills and art of shipbuilding. Donald's mentor was his father's boss, Mr. Alex Barker. In 1946, Donald launched his own business along the banks of Bayou Lafourche, just south of Lockport. Joined by his brothers returning from service in World War II, much of the work to establish the business was done by the family. The little company was well positioned to ride the wave of fledgling oil business in the Gulf of Mexico.

Donald balanced his life with family, business, faith and civic responsibilities. He believed that it was critically important to be involved in politics and to support good candidates all along the way. He eventually served as Chairman of the Republican Party of Louisiana and was affectionately known as "The Happy Republican." Governor David Treen asked him to serve on his cabinet when he was looking for people with integrity and a "can do" spirit. His list of public service involvement was astonishing. When he died in 2001 at the age of eighty-six, more than 1000 people came to pay their respects to the beloved Mr. B.