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in both commercial and military programs
130+ Years of Military and Marine Shipyard

130+ Years of Military and Marine Shipyard

Knowledge and Experience
deliver maintenance spares and materials

Deliver Maintenance Spares and Materials for mission readiness

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CHAND has been a full service technical support division within the southern region for over 18 years. Located in Mathews, Louisiana, approximately 50 miles southwest of New Orleans, CHAND sits on 20 acres of fenced land, with storage area that contains 35,000 square feet of warehouse space. Our technical staff includes logisticians, technical writers, training instructors, reliability and maintenance engineers who are proficient in developing a variety of technical data. Included as part of our technical expertise are CAD operators, illustrators, graphic designers and web developers.

CHAND Support Services

157 LA-654
Mathews, LA 70375

Phone: 985-532-2512
Fax: 985-532-2571

Cindie Roussel,
Vice President and General Manager

CHAND Logistics

Supply Support and Warehousing

CHAND has also provided complete outfitting supplies and spare parts for the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Army and Foreign Military as well as several commercial vessels. Our experienced supply support group is capable of handling all of your maintenance and repair parts needs. We have an extensive supply support system populated with proven sources of over 30,000 vendors.

CHAND supply support


CHAND has provided successful training for both Commercial and Military programs. These training programs involve the creation of training plans to detail what is to be covered and the time frames for courses to occur.

Our training packages typically include training guides, multimedia presentations, interactive courseware, and training courses. The training courses normally consist of classroom theory combined with hands-on reviews. Additionally, as determined, by our training plan, we will organize and schedule equipment specific, or factory training.

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